Madame Barbeque

About Chef Nikki

Chef Nikki

Chef Nikki's newest creation is Madame Barbeques food truck, making rounds this fall in Howard County, MD.

Ask About Our Cooking Lessons

We do cooking classes for kids in a variety of styles from barbeque to Italian to sushi. Find out more by texting (seriously, don't leave a message).

Texts Only: 443-542-7093

Madame BBQ

This female owned and operated food truck and catering service specializes in pulled pork sandwiches with a twist. Nikki McGowan, the "Madame", names her sandwiches after women where each is different and special in their own way (she has been known to do chicken and vegetarian options. Her coconut black bean burger with grilled pineapple is AMAZING). There is one exception, however, "The Todd" named after the man in her life. He has become the most requested of all of her sandwiches with pulled pork, bacon, deviled eggs, and siracha pickles all on a chipoltle seared bun. The menu changes daily and can be seen on facebook and twitter as well as daily times and locations.

Madame Cours de Cuisine

Nikki has been teaching classes and camps since 2008. Her cooking parties, which are a big hit with kids, have been featured in numerous publications. She and her staff teach over 300 kids each summer through Howard County Recreation and Parks and classes are also offered after school daily during the school year. Nikki teaches out of her own kitchen, which is set up to feed a huge family (she has 3 of her own kids and 4 step children). She also teaches out of the amazing industrial kitchen at Carey Sales where she buys equipment for her food truck and home. Follow the Madame Cours de Cuisine facebook page to see what her next events are or to set up one of your own.